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One-year elementary life science for grades 2 & 5?

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I've settled on Behold and See Life Science for my 7th grader next year. I'd like to have my 2nd and 5th graders study similar topics, although obviously at different levels.

Is there a one-year elementary life science program that would work for both a 2nd and a 5th grader?


A few parameters:


- I've looked at Elemental Science but am not a fan of the encyclopedia approach. We tried their physics but it didn't go over well. 

- We've already done most of Mystery Science.

- Noeo is a possibility, but the 2nd and 5th graders would fall into different levels, making my life more complicated. 

- We are not fans of lapbooking or coloring sheets. 

- We've already done two of the three Answers in Genesis books that cover this topic and weren't terribly impressed. 

- I can't stand Comic Sans.

- Open to Christian or secular. 

- Open to textbook or living book approach. 

- Bonus points for quality graphic design, colorful materials and videos. :)





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Could the 5th grader join the 7th grader for science?  

Let's Read and Find Out, Magic School Bus and other living books for the 2nd grader.  You could compile a list of the major topics your 7th grader will study and look for corresponding lower level books or just pick topics of interest.   


If you want to keep the 5th and 2nd grader on the same topics - Ellen McHenry's Botany might work for part of the year.  


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McHenry's Botany is hard.  I tried my relatively bright DD on it at 9 and she found it difficult enough that she left it out in the rain one day hoping I wouldn't have the motivation to buy it again.  We may try it again in 7th as we do Life Science again.


It depends on the child.  My child studied Botany as 4th and 2nd graders  Although I am sure the 4th grader got more out of it, they both loved it.  


Guest Hollow's Junior Anatomy/Little Anatomy or Knowledge of Nature would be other options that could be used at multiple levels.  

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