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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning, ladies!


-get oldest to school

-take youngest to doctor for Lyme disease follow up (10 days of antibiotics, rash still not any better - going to insist on heavier duty antibiotics and longer course)



-figure out dinner


-pick up oldest from school take him to pitching lesson

-take oldest to gym

-feed everyone

-find a good comedy movie to watch with DH tonight - I can use the laughs.

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Good morning!


Yesterday I woke at 5; this a.m. 6:45.  It was good to sleep in.  I actually feel rested.


To do:

Clean kitchen


Vacuum something! Anything.  And dust too!

Watch video with teens on G. K. Chesterton

15 yo does math homework

I need to run out to get food for lunch.  Life is too complicated food wise right now.

Mass at noon


15 yo to math tutor

Even though I have listed studying Latin with the teens each day, we've not done it!  So study Latin!

Adoration from 6 to 7


I really want to show my family the movie Bag It so they understand why I've suddenly gotten fanatical about avoiding plastic.




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DH & I stayed up crazy late watching border patrol.  No idea why and I am realizing this was stupid, lol!!!  


So, um, COFFEE.


Ran to the bank and dropped off the car payment. (We switched banks and car loan is at one place and we bank at another.  It's only annoying once a month. :P )

Get chicken feed

Get straw

Help DS with a scholarship app

Have DS move three cabinets so I can put up the world's tiniest piece of drywall. (Like 15" x 2")

More Laundry

Play Practice
Dinner: Fish and Veggies and Salad

Happy Friday!!

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Good morning! It is a day full of random things I have to do. The worst thing I have to do today is tell ds3 that his best friend on the swim team is moving out of state. Sigh. There will be tears.


To do:

get boys up and working

dr appointment for me. Try to rein in frustration about seeing robot doc (Kaiser....)

get glasses fixed

long drive home

work through weekly chores

PM practice/aikido

late pickup at airport-dd1 home for a few days!


Have a great day!


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There were ( and still are) tears and sniffles. Both of his best friends have left the team in the last year for very different reasons. I hate that I can't make any of this better.


Well, hopefully the day will get better. Though my dr is sick and I was rescheduled to see another robot doc. Kaiser is like the Borg. With a high deductible.

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Morning, all!


Fighting off whatever cold/virus is going around...thought I had escaped this season, or it could be allergies.  We went up 20 degrees in the last two days, windy.  


Encourage dd to take new math assessment for placement.  I think we'll go to the library for this so I can plan while she uses my laptop.


vacuum upstairs


pizza for dinner


Hope everyone has a great day!


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