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CLRC Research & Writing Course - Anyone taken this?

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CLRC is offering a course called How to Win an Argument - Research, Writing & Critical Analysis.  It guides the student towards writing a historical research paper. I was wondering if anyone has tried this course.  


My ds has done a lot of essay writing but would like to have someone teach him how to do a research paper. I've found this course through CLRC and also the Advanced Reseach Wrting through Lukeion. The Lukeion course looks good but it's only in the Spring. Also open to any other alternatives suggestions.

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There is another Research Writing class at Big River Academy. It is also a semester-long class. Bravewriter has one that is only six weeks long.


I couldn't get your link to work, but I found the class you are referring to on CLRC's website under History


I haven't had a kid taken any of the above, but I am hoping to have my dd#1 take one of these next year at some point.



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