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Apologia Marine Bio -- Where did you get your Anacharis?

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We didn't find any.  And I didn't want to spend lots of shopping time or figuring out what could be used in place.  So for that experiment in module 2, we watched youtube videos.  You can search on terms "observing photosynthesis in elodea" and should be able to get some videos to watch.

Here are some links that we watched  (if my copy and paste is working right)




with some explanation and extension ideas and teacher shows the oxygen in the collection by lighting something.



and this one showed the bubbles very well






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I got curious and looked at carolina biological.  They have a cool youtube video as well.  They'll sub similar plant if you can't receive it or winter or something.  anyway. the link for that video.  That was fun to watch that experiment.  of course in the apologia marine biology, it's a demo just showing that plant and bubbles (qualitative demo not a quantitative lab).  But why not have some fun with it if you get the plant?  But I was motivated for video based demo since the purpose in the assignment was observation vs data collection and analysis.

if that carolina biology video is helpful....


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