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Hey everyone! Since I'm new to homeschooling I'm curious if many/any curriculum typically goes on sale in the summer as it gets closer to the beginning of the traditional school year? Just curious. I received an email from Pandia Press announcing a 25% off sale and I'm thinking about R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey for science next year for my girls. Not sure if I should go ahead and buy now or if I should wait to see if it would go on sale later.




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ChristianBook.com gives discounts of 30-35% off of a lot of curriculum at least once during the year. You just have to check weekly for sales.


Also, see if you local homeschool group does a used curriculum sale...that's where the best deals are!


PS We enjoyed REAL Science Odyssey a lot. If I had to go back, I would buy the eBook because it was really hard to make copies out of the book or to even pull pages out because the binding was really tough and inflexible.

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Many sales are now. Pandia's offer is probably the best you will see for them.


Some publishers have Black Friday /Cyber Monday deals, but that would be too late to use for stuff you want to use this fall.


Most places are super busy in the summer filling orders. I buy in the winter or spring as I see sales.

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