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Non-hs parent as teacher. LOR?


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I was steering away from dh writing an LOR for dd for her college applications next summer and fall. She is in a brick and mortar school for high school and has had him as a teacher for three years, longer than any other teacher. I wasn't going to ask him for obvious reasons, but he knows her so well as a student and she truly excels in his class...and I've also been very disappointed in the timeliness of other teachers in getting letters in when we have had to ask for something else recently. At least I know dh doesn't procrastinate and writes his letters on time. And he is also a very thoughtful person and always puts a lot into all the LORs he writes.


If a college asks for one LOR would it really look bad if it came from him?


If a college asks for two, would it be more acceptable? I assume the letters would say basically similar things since dd is a hard worker and a good student, even if details were different.


If a college welcomes additional LORs in support of an application, then that would be perfect, right?


Any thoughts?


Thank you!

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If the school asks for only one letter, I would try to find someone other than her father. If they allow additional letters though (some require one, but will look at more), I would include it. Probably the father's letter should try to back up a listing of her qualities with identification of actions that demonstrate those qualities. In other words, be as fact-based as possible.

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