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Writer Seeking Stories Around Science and Religion

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I am a writer (www.dintywmoore.com1) researching an article that explores America’s attitudes toward science and the various ways that belief in scientific conclusions may (or may not) be at odds with religious beliefs and teachings.


I am hoping to connect with people who perhaps distrust current science, or those who feel conflicted about certain scientific opinions, based wholly or in part on their religious beliefs. I am also, however, looking for folks whose lives or occupations may exemplify the notion that our belief in science can agreeably coexist with religious beliefs. I am posting here in a homeschooling community, but I am not in any way singling out home-schoolers -- I have reached out through many other forums and am looking for people of all opinions and beliefs.


I’m posting here inviting anyone who has an interesting story to tell to be in touch with me in the next month or so (before April 2017). I am specifically interested in connecting with folks who I might meet with for an hour or so, especially if you are in a one- or two-state drive from my Ohio base of operations (Ohio, PA, WVa, KY, Indiana)..


For illustrative purposes, but not to set limits, I could imagine talking with someone who works for an environmental cause yet attends a church where scientific claims about global climate change are questioned, or a high school science teacher who must negotiate the gap between religious teachings and scientific conclusions on a regular basis, or someone with faith-based concerns about the ethics of genetic science and/or GMOs. But really anyone, no matter profession or position, who might be willing to discuss how they feel about science and where scientific orthodoxy does or does not fit comfortably with their religious views.


Let me say clearly up front that it is not my intent to challenge or mock anyone or to argue with anyone’s convictions. My intent is to ask and listen, and where possible, illuminate reasoning that may seem inexplicable to some who hold different beliefs. I am happy to use only first names if the interviewee wishes that I do so.


If you think your story may be of relevance, please contact me at moored4@ohio.edu. Or if you can think of someone who might have an interesting story connected to this theme, pleas pass my information along.


Thanks in advance, Dinty W. Moore


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