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Possible source for AP exams/time critical

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I was signing up my public high schooler for AP exams today through the website, www.totalregistration.net, the school uses for testing, because March 1 is the deadline. I noticed that somewhere in the registration process I was asked if my child was a student at the school; I thought that was odd since I had already entered his id number.


Anyway after I finished, I experimented and I registered a fictional student. It looks like the school does allow outsiders to register, because on the page where I picked which tests to register for it had added no teacher and/or independent study as options. (When I used a student at the school, it only listed the teachers and their class periods for each AP class offered at the school. It also asked if I wanted to register for a test in a class not offered at the school. I was able to go all the way through the registration process, however, I did not attempt to complete the registration since I did not want to pay for my fictional student to take an exam.


I then tried to register for another school in a random state/city. I was able to find a school that uses the registration system. However, it wanted a student ID# even though the first page said student ID# was not required.


So, if you are still searching for a place to take an AP test, this site might be a resource. www.totalregistration.net It also lists a person to contact at the school with questions.


The bad part is it looks like the site closes AP registration on March 1 at 11:59 PM. So, there is not a lot of time to find a school. However, it is definitely worth a shot if you have been unsuccessful in finding a site.


You can also register for other tests like the PSAT through the website.

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to get started click on search for school at the top of the page.


On the next page, you can search by school name at the bottom of the next page. If the school you want uses this website, it will come up at bottom of page and you can click on far right to start registration process.




You can select country and state. Then a pull down menu of a list of cities in the state will appear. Pick the city you want, if no schools in that city use the registration service, it will give you an error message.


If school(s) in the city do use it, it will give you a list of the schools that use it in the city you pick. It will also list homeschool. Do not pick that as it will say it is not setup.


Click on the school you want, the next page will want name email and possibly student ID. Then follow instructions if it will allow you to continue past the previous page.

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I was able to find a school in Lexington, KY, that would let me register as a non student. Its deadline was March 9.


A school in Denver, CO, would not let me register without a student ID had a deadline later in March.

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Yes there are lots of schools in KY and elsewhere that use Total Registration, but that does not mean they take outside students no matter what the options say.


I got the counselors permission first at schools that had previously given us AP tests, registered and paid. Two weeks later I got an email from Total Registration saying my tests were cancelled and my payment was being refunded. What??? Then I got an email from each counselor saying the school district was no longer going to test homeschooolers and they had cancelled my tests. (It is no longer a school decision in my area, but a ruling from the district).


Also, from past experience, just because it asks if you want a test not listed doesn't mean the school will give it to you.


I called other schools within driving distance that used Total Registration and they said no to me. I called over 40 schools.


My four tests are registered between three different schools. One used Total Registration and had a deadline to sign up of Feb. 22.  :closedeyes:


PSAT is the same way as schools in my area can and will refuse to seat homeschoolers for PSAT.

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