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Amazon's cloud service is down (and weird Amazon story)


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For the last few hours, Amazon's cloud service has been down and that affects other sites too who use their cloud service.




My strange story is that my dh ordered a new sleeping bag for me as a birthday gift.  He ordered it Dec. 24th.  He received it in late Dec or early Jan since my birthday is in mid-January.  Then on Saturday, I received a notice that something from Amazon was being shipped.  I looked at the item and it was a sleeping bag but thought that maybe dh ordered one for one of our kids whose sleeping bag may have gotten holes or something.  We had a busy weekend so I didn't even remember to ask him.  Then today I get a text that sleeping bag will be delivered today.  I asked dh about it and he thought I had gotten something wrong and maybe something else was being delivered though neither of us thought we should be getting anything.  It turns out that according to the invoice, Amazon thinks they never fulfilled the order and so they sent us another sleeping bag.  They don't seem to have a record of the one we received more than six weeks ago.  Since their cloud service is down. they can't take phone calls either.  So I now wait until it is back on again and I can call them again.

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I had something similar happen at Christmas-time.  I had ordered online from Kohl's for in-store pick-up.  I picked up the item but kept getting emails saying that my item was ready for pickup.  I had my item so I ignored the emails. I just figured their notification system was poorly designed.  Eventually, I noticed that they had refunded the cost to my credit card. Weird.

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