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Morning Basket-What is in yours?

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I did a search and noticed that there hasn't been a good discussion on morning baskets in a while. I have fallen off the bandwagon big time and need some more inspiration. What is in your morning basket right now? How often and for how long do you work from it? 

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Our morning time is actually in the afternoons 2-3 times a week. We don't try on Mondays. Schedule doesn't allow it nor on co-op day. So the goal is the other three days a week.  


dd12 and I have a kind of morning basket time together for silent reading right now, but dd14 is working on academic subjects at that time. We read and write on our own. In her actual morning basket dd12 has The Golden Children's Bible, An Encyclopedia of Animals, Insurgent, and What Your 6th Grader Needs to Know for poetry. She reads and journals about these and does activities from them for about 45 min. a day in her Thinking Tree Journal. I read and work in my Mom journal from a stack of books I am working through on my own. Currently: Alexandria, The Last Nights of Cleopatra by Peter Strothard, What Your Preschooler Needs to Know and the Core Knowledge Sequence, and Climbing Parnassus among others. We both get to pick our titles here. They both have their assigned great books reading time later in the day.


Right now we are reading in the afternoons from: 

D' Laulaires' Book of Greek Myths. When this is done I will pick something from my dd12's logic stage reading list next. She is not a fast reader, so I read some of her selections aloud to both. I haven't looked to see what is next. She is currently reading a book on ancient India, and dd14 is reading The Illiad. I may do the Children's Homer of the Odyssey, so that both can move onto something else in their personal readings.

Bible Through the Ages, an awesome Reader's Digest book that will be part of our history reading all the way through the whole four year cycle. This is fantastic in how it covers the Bible but also so much of history. We read about Egypt, beginning of writing, Gilgamesh and other myths from the time periods alongside when we are reading about them in our history books. It is chronological. 

Picture This, How Pictures Work by Molly Bang on the principles of art composition. We are actually to the part of the book where we are about to try some of the exercises. We have finished reading it. I guess we will read from the other books then start the project lastly at the end of our together time. 

The Usborne Introduction to Art. We have actually finished reading this through the Classical period, and won't need it besides looking at pictures until next year when we get to the middle ages.  So it won't get picked up much more this year.

Bible- Lent starts tomorrow. We will start with Exodus readings on Passover, then follow a Bible Study we are doing with church for the NT readings. 

24 Hours that Changed the World by Adam Hamilton- the Lent study guide we are using with church. Haven't actually had our copy come in yet, so this will get added next week, a little late since Lent starts tomorrow, lol.

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We don't really do a morning basket in the full sense of the word, but here are some books we are reading together:


Poetry: Idylls of the King-Tennyson

Science: The Sea Around Us-Carson

History: Confucius: The Golden Rule-Freedman

Literature: Ivanhoe-Scott

Natural History: Hungry Hollow-Dewdney

Science: Parallel Worlds-Kaku

Art Study-Audubon

Music Study-Chopin


We read from these as we can fit them into our schedule weekly, so all at least once per week.


Next on the rotation will be these:


Art Study-Benjamin West

Composer Study-Tchaikovsky

Shakespeare-The Merchant of Venice

Poetry: Selected Narrative Poems-Longfellow

Science: The Code of Life-Silverstein

History: In the Land of Ur-Baumann

Geography: The Book of Marvels



probably something else for science and/or history, but I'm not sure yet....


This is for an 8th grader.

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We don't have much in our morning basket right now, because we are going on a lite school schedule for awhile (it's our summer break time - in February- lol).  We have:


The Witch of Blackbird Pond

The Door in the Wall

Recollections from Joan of Arc (Mark Twain)

Tonight on the Titanic (Magic Tree House)

Sarah, Plain and Tall


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Our rotation has the following books:


The Bible (Right now we are reading Daniel)

The Ology

D'aulaires Book of Greek Myths

George Washington (Daulaire)

Arcimedes and the Door of Science

The Tall Book of Mother Goose

We also read a short science book throughout the week, this week it's Wriggling Worms at Work 

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We call it couch time (though there is a basket), and it's between morning snack and lunch. Currently, we have

  • a booklet of little things to read/learn each week (virtues, word roots, Morning Exercises Throughout the Year)
  • a Junior Great Books anthology
  • the Spanish textbook
  • history books (this week, The Peddlers and The Schoolmasters from the Colonial Americans series, a library book on the arts in the 18th century, SOTW, the Human Odyssey 2)
  • memory work booklet
  • Apple for the Teacher: Thirty Songs for Singing While You Work
  • scout materials.
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Our 'together time' is split over two sessions - one after breakfast and the other at lunch. Currently we are using:


- Bible: 1 Peter (The passion translation)

- Singing: Many & Great, Songs of the world church, and another hymn book

- Memory: 1 Corinthians 13

- Lit selection: The Ides of April

- Poetry: Famous poems Old and New

- Mystery of History 1

- Lit: The Far Side of the Loch

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We call our meeting symposium and we meet almost every day.  We usually spend about 60-70 mins.  I have an 18 ds and 13 dd.


What we do:

grammar - daily

poetry and scripture memorization - daily 

history of art - on a rotation

history of science - on a rotation

apologetics - on a rotation

history of religion - on a rotation

composer studies - on a rotation


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Our morning basket is a morning notebook. It is independent work and takes 30 minutes.


Morning Work (10-12 min)

  • Calendar Worksheet, made by me, done in English and Spanish; includes writing long and short date, day of week, and a number in standard form, word form, and roman numeral
  • 2-3 mental math problems (from Singapore mental math book)
  • 1 page of manuscript
  • 1 page of mechanics workbook (write source, evan moor paragraph review, or EM language review)
  • 5 minutes of free writing on a given topic or picture in writing journal


Memory Work (10-12 min)

  • Spanish for Children Chant with CD
  • Latin Roots List * 
  • Language Arts Memory Work * --- right now that is pronouns and conjunctions (encouraged to memorize in MCT Town curriculum)
  • Recite Poem * of week 3 times and one old poem
  • Recite Bible Memory * Verse 3 times
  • Multiplication Facts * (1 number until memorized)

*recited with a video recording made by mom/dad


As a class (5-7 min)

  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Texas Pledge
  • Patriotic Song (a new song every 4 weeks with youtube)
  • Prayer
  • Announcements
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We do memory work (poetry, bible, geography, latin and greek roots, presidents, books of the bible, shakespeare, catechism), bible reading, sing a hymn, and then loop history reading, picture study (we just use a picture from my art-a-day calendar right now), a nature reading, and composer study. Then we read our free reading book, which is Little Women right now, but was Caddie Woodlawn before that. 

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