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Finished Analytical Grammar. Now what?

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My 7th grade son finished up Analytical Grammar recently. I had him work on three sentences/day for the 2nd diagramming section and allowed him to spread it out over the year. I also provided the skeleton for the diagramming, since the provided lines seemed to help him in First Language Lessons and the jump to diagram without them seemed like too much, too soon. So he completed it, but he has some aid in completing the work as it was presented.

He just wrapped up the mechanics section, and while he had a few errors on the test in each section (he would always maintain the "A"), he seems to have a pretty firm grasp on mechanics.

Is it okay to do nothing for grammar next year other than editing and discussing errors in his own writing? I am planning on using AG's review sentences perodically in high school, as recommended. I am planning on requiring him to diagram the sentences, and he will have to diagram it from scratch. Should I consider adding Rod & Staff 8 or something similar for next year? Do I need to anything at all? 

Thanks for your feedback!

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I am in a similar situation with DD12. I've scheduled the final few mechanics lessons over the coming weeks. I plan to begin the high school reinforcement books by next fall. I feel like she will lose it if she doesn't use it.


I may have her do the Advanced Grammar class at WTMA in about a year. I think it might be helpful to revisit some of the advanced topics in a live class setting to really cement her learning.

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When we finished AG, we used Editor in Chief and Find the Errors.  Editing is a different skill that uses grammar and we found it very helpful.  We also focused more on writing and vocabulary building.  In 11th grade, we did another pass at grammar using Abeka Gramma V to prepare for SAT/ACT and to "sum it up" before the end of high school

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After AG I consider my kids done with grammar. They are responsible for errors in their own writing and do the review books (generally about a half hour a week) to keep skills sharp, but they really don't need any more instruction. They love it that after season 3 they're done! Lol


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