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Building a resume: Resume service? DIY? What worked for you?


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I have an old very basic resume. I had basically been hired by the place I work part-time right now, and needed one for the HR file, so it's pretty slapped together. I'm trying to figure out the quickest, most efficient, and most cost-effective way to get a good resume together.


Local resume services will do the whole shebang, including a cover letter, and I could sit down with a person who is familiar with the job market in the area and especially with the particular institutions and positions I'd like to apply for. But the price tag made me :svengo:  But it might be worth it if I get the job I really want. Plus...the cover letter. It's been years since I actually wrote one, but I remember that being the very. worst. part. :ack2:


Has anyone here had good luck with an online service? They seem to be much lower, cost-wise. But I am concerned about quality.


Or any good sites that will hold my hand and walk me through building a good solid-looking resume that won't get chucked in the "No" pile?


I am SO anxious about this, much more than it really warrants. It signals a big change in our lives, and I need to get over this hump so I can get things moving.



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I built my own.  There are lots of examples online.  Be aware that most people tailor their resume to each particular job, highlighting the key words from the job description in their own experience.  So the days of 'the resume' are gone.


Husband used a service - he is in a tricky spot (age, different location, complicated work history).  He hasn't had any offers based on the new resume, so I don't know if it was worthwhile.

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I write my own, as Laura said, tailoring a bit to apply to different jobs. I have a wide variety of work experience built up over the years, so I basically have "chunks" I can add, delete and re-arrange to feature the most relevant and impressive experience for a given position.


My husband has always written his own, too, with my editorial assistance. The last couple of times he's been in the market for a job, he has applied to/through a couple of local headhunter agencies and has gotten some (free) suggestions from them about what they like to see on resumes that he incorporated.


But, yeah, neither of us has ever used a paid service.


Edit - I like this site for examples and inspiration: http://susanireland.com/


       - I also found this site helpful, although you can get only a couple of analyses for free: https://www.jobscan.co/

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