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Science curriculum for 7th grade?


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I've started planning curriculum for the next school year.  I need suggestions for my ADD, APD ds for science.  He detests reading (!!) unless it is in cartoon format.  He enjoys videos and Mythbuster type shows. 


I'm admittedly a bit burnt out, it's February, but I'd love something that isn't super teacher intensive.  Any suggestions on things that have worked for your kids in this area? 

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Well, you MIGHT consider something like Acellus Academy...  There should be some example videos you can look at for some of the classes.




I would recommend finding a way to include your own review but the videos are with real teachers and the program is self-paced.  Videos are short.  Quality varies.


Or see if there are any topics through Outschool that might be of interest.  Outschool has live teachers but the class usually meets only once a week so there will probably be additional work required outside of class time.  Outschool also has short duration classes that start and stop throughout the year.  For example, maybe he likes Astronomy but doesn't want to spend much time on it.  There is a 5 week Intro to Astronomy class that he might be able to take.  Then he could pick another topic for another short duration intensive.



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