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I need a bright, kid-friendly night light


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I need a nice, bright, kid-friendly (read: not terribly, easily breakable... no lamps, preferably) night light that will stay on all night. It would be nice if it was corded/plug-in. We have a great, super bright light in their room right now, but it's battery-operated and dims by the middle of the night. 


So far, everything I've seen is really dim. It's a larger bedroom and a regular "nursery" night light just doesn't cut it. I need actual light - not just a spot on the wall, lol.


Any ideas?

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My DH has several of these installed around the house. They replace the standard outlet cover and can't be pulled off. They have a tiny dimmer switch on them so you can set them to your preferred brightness (high is very bright--we keep ours set to the low end and kids can still easily find their way through the house at night). They're light sensitive and turn on when it gets dark, and they also have a battery backup that kicks on in the event of a power outage. We bought them at either Costco or Lowe's/Home Depot.

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Aimee,Do you have an Ikea nearby?

This is really good



Mydd has had it for almost 7 years and is wonderful.Light changes color and is not too bright.

Is rechargeable-has a cord and you take the cord out at night and the child can have it in her/his bed.

You can even keep it on the table with or without the cord.The material is silicone so its soft to touch.

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