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Need help with choosing a writing program for a 15year old

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Could someone help me to figure out what writing program to choose for my will be 15 year old DD.

She is pretty confident writer, but I feel she needs another year of polishing her writing skills before she dives into AP language. I know she would also love literature analysis component, but perhaps it could be another course all together. Anyone have any suggestions? It sounds like I am looking for the pre AP writing level class.

Thank you so much! I am new to posting here. Your collective wisdom have been absolutely invaluable to me in the past year. Hope to pay back and contribute as well.


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There are lots of good writing programs out there.


I've really enjoyed using the Brave Writer online classes, though they are expensive. They have all sorts of writing as well as lit analysis. 


I've also used Center for Literature (not the writing) and been very pleased.


My one son is moving from BW to AP English next year.

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Blue Tent Online offers a class called Honors English 2. It is designed for 15+ year olds. It is not live, so if that is important, I would look elsewhere.

Big River Academy offers Intermediate and Advanced Composition - each 1 semester courses that meet once per week. (I don't see Adv. Composition listed, but they are offering it on their Course Registration page.) They also have year-long classes in various regular & interesting literature & English options. 


CLRC has some Literature/Composition classes. Lukeion also has some Literature and Composition courses. 

Excelsior also offers some traditional English classes that are year-long and meet once per week.

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