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Current Events for 4th and 5th grade kids?


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Hi Everyone,



I am considering including some type of "current event" discussion in our morning time next year.  


My idea was to have some type of magazine or news show (appropriate for kids) that they could read/watch independently, and then we could meet, share, and discuss the stories we found most interesting.   


What resources are available for this?




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Yep, CNN 10 (Student News) works here too.  Be aware it is geared for Middle and High School students.  It probably won't be an issue at all but once in a great while there might be a story you would maybe want to screen ahead of time.  They are usually ready for viewing the night before so you could watch it to screen it then they could watch it the next day.  It is only ten minutes and covers a wide variety of topics.  Pretty politically neutral.





If you want something from overseas there is the BBC Student Report but it is a whole page of different news stories with text and video that you select from, not a short news program you just play.  Sometimes we have time for both CNN 10 and BBC SR and sometimes we just play CNN 10 while we eat breakfast or fold laundry or whatever.



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To supplement those great video news broadcasts listed above, here is print material or subscription to read articles online:



Time for Kids (gr. 3-6) -- subscription info

- Scholastic News (gr. 1) (gr. 2) (gr. 3) (gr. 4) (gr. 5-6) -- plus online video segment supplement: Scholastic News Online


Christian bi-monthly news magazine: 

- World Kids (gr. 2-5)

- World Teen (gr. 6-9) -- plus an online video segments as supplement






P.S. -- just did a search for "current events for elementary students" and came up with these resources:


Online News Articles

Current Events -- for gr. K-5; go to kids.usa.gov, click "Social Studies", click "Current Events"

DoGo News -- by grade level, gr. 1-8 

YoungZine -- for gr. 3-8

Kids Post -- Washington Post News articles appropriate for students (looks like gr. 3-8)

Fact Monster -- from BBC News and Information Please website (looks like gr. 4 and up)

Current Events in the Classroom -- Social Studies for Kids website

PBS News Hour Extra -- for grades 7-12


Online Science/History Articles in the News

Tween Tribune -- gr. 4-8; from the Smithsonian

National Geographic Kids -- gr. 1-5 -- games, facts, articles, videos

Bradshaw Foundation -- gr. 6-12; archeology finds



Totally unrelated, but the ALA's Social Studies Resources page has a great set of links to all kinds of educational websites.

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50 Ways to Teach Current Events



New York Times Curriculum Guides. These can be used with any newspaper. I really like the geography.



Mega site for NIE Newspapers in Education. There are some great math ebooks and general elementary ebooks with math sections.


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Any other suggestions for current events videos appropriate for 7 year olds? I just tried CNN10 but today's video opened with a piece on terrorists. She's not able to handle such things.


These are video current events, all for gr. 1-6:

Scholastic News

Time For Kids

National Geographic Videos


In my post above, I also linked websites with current events articles, most of which are for younger elementary ages -- so not likely to have the "dark" and adult stories. You might have fun reading current events articles with your 7yo, in addition to watching current events stories. :)

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From the big list of free stuff:



A certain level of bias is inevitable.  I’ve listed resources that make a reasonable attempt at objectivity and don’t appear to have an extreme left or right bias.


Stossel in the Classroom  -- I particularly love the "Both Sides of the Issue" section.  "To assist teachers in presenting a balanced lesson on some of the issues that John Stossel addresses, we have paired short videos that present an opposing view."


PBS Newshour Extra  (7-12). Lesson plans and resources for teachers and students. 


Smithsonian (Teen Tribune, Tween Tribune, TT Junior)


Scholastic News 


CNN Student News  - ten minute, commercial-free, daily news program for middle and high school students.


Student News Daily 

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