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Paging Aussie mums :) - need an Aussie encyclopedia

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I'm an Aussie ex-pat, and we're diving into a unit on Australian history at the moment. The kids also have a writing assignment on a person of their choosing from Australia's past. I'm looking for a good encyclopedia of Australia, and wondering if you have any recommendations? I picked up the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Australia second-hand, but I have to admit that I'm rather underwhelmed by its content, and it's just not a good fit for our kids at this stage. Is there another volume that would be good for late primary/early high school level? I really just want a good comprehensive spread of facts and figures that will be useful as a reference book.


Thanks for any help!

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Not really.. I think you'd be better off to obtain things like: Australia Her First 100 Years, Ashton Scholastic Australian History, Jackie French novels {historical based}, & so on.. We do spines & then draw from other books, so for instance we started My Father's Island for Abel Tasman.

Another great idea might be the Australian Story An Illustrated Timeline. Fabre Castell was actually offering up a wall timeline based on the book for $10 AUD for a while. It's BEAUTIFUL, but when i went to look for a link for a friend this week I couldn't find it.

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