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Celebration Thread


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Can we celebrate our victories, no matter how small?


Today DH and I paid off our car 10 months early. We are quite excited. It was a goal we set for ourselves at the New Year and we had three possible payoff dates with Feb 28 being the earliest. Not only did we make that goal but we beat it by 5 days. We drove to the City to a branch office of the lending bank (there isn't one in our town) and paid it off in person. Then we celebrated by getting drinks at Panera, discussing how we can attack the next bill, and stopping in at The Fresh Market and buying produce. Do we know how to celebrate or what?


To make the day even better, when we were on the highway home our DGD called to tell us she finally passed the third level of sight words for her Kindergarten class. She has been stuck at this level for a couple of months and was quite pleased with herself. Once we returned home, we took her out to DQ for a vanilla cone.


Any other celebrations out there?

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I had an interview for a job last week and got the job and then got called for an interview today for a different job.  Right now I'm just looking for part time and both of these are ideal, but what's really ideal is that it reassures my husband that despite having 'retired' from my paid position 3 1/2 years ago to be at home with the kids full time, I still have some marketable skills.  

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My dh works 3 jobs to support us and his main job just gave him a raise AND a promotion yesterday!  It was a 12% raise.   :w00t:  It will be a major help and I'm hopeful that my very tired dh will start to have more energy.  He was so overwhelmed with gratitude in his review that he got teary-eyed.  When he looked up, the others in the room were crying, too!  LOL  His boss told him that she was waiting all day for this review because she was so happy for him.  He DESERVES it!!

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