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If your child participates in a Martial Art


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9yo: Two classes a week and that's pushing it for him.  He's on the slow path to black belt.  We're happy with one belt color a year advancement.


10yo, husband, and me: Usually two classes a week but we're not stressed if we only get to one.  We're all first degree black belts and not interested right now in continuing to test.  That may change in the future.


17yo: Can't train right now because of health issues (but she works there so she's there 4-5 days a week behind the desk).  If she could train, minimum of two classes a week.


15yo: He's just nuts.  He also works there (assistant instructor) so he's there 4-5 days a week as well.  He generally takes 2-3 classes on Mondays, 2 classes Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1 class on Saturdays, and then sometimes another class or three as well, so a minimum of 7-8 a week.  He is planning to be a taekwondo instructor as his career.

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My kids (14, 11)  are required to go 2 days per week and i have a requirement that they go 3 days a week for fitness. 


In reality, they are both on Demo team so they have 2 extra classes per week on top of their regular class and spar 1-3 times per month. 


My 14 year old is an assistant instructor and also teaches 4 classes per week. 


So, we are there 4 days per week 2-3 hours per time. 

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Two of my girls and I go twice a week. The other two go usually once a week but they'll go twice if we're getting close to a grading night, if they've just learned something new that they want help on, or are just hoping to be taught the next thing. We go to family classes that are 1.5 hours each. I also practice at home several days a week and sometimes the kids will. I only require one class a week and I don't push practicing at home, although I do encourage it and offer my help since I am ahead of them in rank.


Our school only offers two family classes, two children's classes, and two adult classes a week. So there's not really an option to take 5 or more classes a week. There is also a weapons class for intermediate ranks and above and a black belt class (none of us are there yet). My youngest would probably prefer children's class because it's shorter but we have music lessons both of those nights so we can't do those.

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My now young adult son (black belt in traditional Japanese karate) usually did a minimum of three days per week and often did double classes on two of those days. When his schedule allowed, he did more. Unless he was sick or we were away, he always did at least two days per week. When he was going through puberty and getting back into karate after a break, he sometimes went six days per week with up to three classes per day between taking and teaching. Having unlimited classes for one set price was a huge blessing for us. He was even allowed to take classes for free at other dojos in the association, and did this regularly when he was preparing for his brown and black belts, as it was considered important to learn from a wide variety of black belts. Despite his high attendance level, it took him almost ten years to get a black belt, as slow progression is the norm in his style and students must be at least seventeen to test for a regular, not junior, black belt.

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BabyBaby (15) has taken some form of Martial Arts for 7.5 years. Average week is about 10 hours total


Karate (second degree black belt, instructor), 7.5 years

Twice/week. 30mins for about 6mos, then 1hr when she moved up to the over 8yo classes. She currently only attends/teaches 1.5hrs one day/week unless her other gym schedule allows for more.

If she were not training in her other styles, she could attend classes 4 days per week, one hour each. But the paying students attend 2 days/week. Ages 4-7 30mins, 8-adult 1hr


Judo (yellow belt) began Summer '16

Three days/week, 1.5 and 1 hr for the all-ages classes, and 2hrs for the 18+ class which she attends by special invitation


Israeli Krav Maga, began Fall '16

Varies, 2-3 days/week, 1-2.5 hrs per class

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