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NCAA: Course Titles and Graduation Dates

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I was finally able to get through to an actual human at the homeschool department today, to get a couple of questions answered. I thought I'd post the replies in case anyone else had the same questions.


RE: Course Titles 

One issue that I know we've discussed here before has been the list of "approved" course titles that NCAA has on their website. I called to ask if those were truly the only acceptable course titles, since none of DS's courses fit their titles and I did not want to have to "disguise" his courses (e.g. listing Ancient Greek Literature as English 11) or use different course titles on the NCAA transcript and the one sent to colleges.  


NCAA Answer: There is no "approved" list of course titles for homeschoolers, so we can name the courses whatever we like.


RE: Graduation Dates

I wanted to know if there would be any problem with DS graduating in late July instead of June, since I'd like him to take advantage of a DE class that ends in July, and I didn't want it to affect his eligibility by counting as a college class taken after HS graduation.


NCAA Answer: The rule is that the graduation date must be no more than 4 years (48 months) from the start of 9th grade, so homeschoolers can choose any graduation date that fits within those parameters.

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