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Bad Day, Need Hugs


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DS10 had a cold last night and now has a fever  of 101-102.  Poor boy.  My other sons seem to have mild colds.  


DS15 has been in a really bad mood for a few days.  This involves screaming, moaning, hitting himself violently, stomping his feet so bad that things in our house (ceilings, light fixtures) are moving several inches and tearing his clothes off completely repeatedly and peeing so much.  Two nights ago he was up all night.  Going up and down and repeatedly taking off all his clothes.  This did not bring out the best in DH and that makes everything worse.  The next day I tried to get him to sleep by reading him nursery rhymes in a monotone.  It worked twice but both times he woke up after 40 minutes.  Last night he slept 11 hours but he is still in a bad mood and has the same bad behaviours.  I sometimes wonder if he reacts to germs with bad behavior instead of fever.


There are mountains of wet pyjamas and wet sheets and so much pee to clean up.  Our oven and dishwasher stopped working and I have not had a chance to phone about them.  So many things to be fixed.


I am taking lots if vitamin C and natural immune boosters and washing hands a lot because it is so hard to be sick and take care of them.


I am constantly trying to clean and make our house look nicer with very little to show.  I so badly crave beauty and that which is aesthetically pleasing right now and peace and calm and happiness for my children.

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Sending many, many hugs.


My kids tend to act out when they are not feeling well; I suspect that is absolutely contributing to your son's behavior. I know your kids are tough to deal with at the best of times, I am so sorry that right now is even harder than usual.

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When my sensory sensitive kid was young mood was definitely how we detected illness. He didn't get fevers and he couldn't express discomfort. So I started going to the doctor after 3 days of really bad behavior. Everytime I did that his doctor was surprised to find kiddo had really advanced ear infections, or sinus infections or strep throat. This kid is 2E he couldn't express body pain until his midteens.


Anyway IME you can have behavioural problems instead of physical symptoms for illnesses.


((Hugs)) I hope you get some rest and stuff calms down.

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