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Anything as good as AOPS for science ( mainly physics)


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I have just started AOPS Vol 1 and Competitive maths for middle school for my 11 years old child, though it is pretty high for him but I would be filling the gaps with AOPS Alcumus/Khan academy. I am looking for similar standard books for physics as well ( though any science is welcome). Can you guys please suggest few books which starts from basic but should evoke all thinking heads and evoke why and how of related things ? 

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I think this could be tricky, as he'll need a certain level of math in order to be able to get much out of textbook type approaches or start building from the basics. 


My fist thought is that general reading on physics related topics might be the way to go, I would try my library and browse the kids and adult sections to see what looks like it would hit the right level.


My second thought is - what is physics about, really?  Maybe take a step back from the theoretical at that age, and go straight for application and things like mechanics, building things, and other practical skills - even things like knitting and sweing.  I think a lot of kids get an overabundance of theory with not much experience to back it up.  But experience of the physical world really underpins theoretical examinations of it.

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