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Has anyone been to Copenhagen?


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We just booked a trip there and I am hoping to get some inspiration. 



Have you been there? 


Things not to miss? 


where did you stay? 


Things to skip over? 



Did you travel any other place while you were there?  Other countries? 


Did you rent a car? 



Tips and advice please and thank you. 




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We were there nearly 15 years ago. Before DS arrived. We stayed in a small hotel, the name of which escapes me. Don't miss the huge ferris wheel in the park. We wandered around the old town and ate in a local Greek restaurant. From there, we took a ferry to the island of Bornholm where we stayed about a week at a friend's house. We bicycled around, swam, prepared Danish food, toured old churches, and painted (we were there specifically for an artists' retreat). We also went to a glass blowing studio - definitely, don't miss that if you go to Bornholm. 


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I was there for a short time about 25 years ago and I was on my own, and I really loved the visit. It was in the summer, and  I walked along the Nyhavn and Stroget, where there was a live jazz band playing in the street near the water. The Little Mermaid statue is nearby. I went into the Tivoli Gardens and enjoyed it (didn't go on any rides, but saw a show). The bakeries were amazing! I also visited the open-air museum (an old viking settlement), which was really interesting. I also got a chance to cycle around a little, which was great. It's a very clean and safe city with a small-town feel. 


I didn't have time to visit any castles or other museums, but I'm sure they'd be fun too see. The Danish people are very friendly. 

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We flew into Copenhagen on our last trip to Europe and stayed for a few days. We stayed in the city center right next to Tivoli (didn't bother to go into the amusement park but younger kids would probably like it).


The city is very walkable. I can't imagine needing or wanting a car. There is also an excellent bus system, but don't expect drivers to speak English or understand your attempts at Danish. :). Like people everywhere, we found everyone to be helpful and nice.


Highlights for us included the crown jewels at Rosenborg Slot, Amalienborg Palace, herring lunch at Nyhavn, the National Museum...ice cream at Olufs, running a jet lagged 5k (and finding our way there on time!), and just walking, walking, walking. It's such a beautiful city, and you can cover a lot of ground in little time. We did a lot, but never rushed or packed in too much.


From Copenhagen we took a train ferry to northern Germany for our next stop. Don't be dissuaded by the idea it's out of the way; it's easy to catch a cheap flight out to anywhere else you want to go.

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Years ago when I was an airline employee.  That was the home base of the airline I was flying on (SAS).  I remember having a language problem, in a cafeteria there trying to figure out what food to ask for.   :-)   Yes, I went in a ferry across to Malmo in Sweden.  I flew to Stockholm, Sweden. I spent several days in Stockholm. I went to Oslo, Norway, I took a train from Oslo to Bergen, Norway.  Norway was my favorite of those 3 Scandinavian countries.  If I could do that trip again, I would concentrate on Norway. In this priority: Norway, Sweden, Denmark would be my trip.  I hope that you have a wonderful trip!  Enjoy!  I didn't rent a car.


ETA: The Public Transportation systems in Scandinavian cities were astonishing to me at that time, because I lived in CA.  They have a schedule on a pole at the bus stops and you had better be ready to jump onto the bus at that time. 

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I am so excited for you!! We actually were able to live in Copenhagen for 3 months last year. It was AMAZING! 


Things I would do! 


Rosenborg Slot (Home of Christian IV and location of Royal Jewels): There are very few signs here so in each room ask a docent what the story is about something and you will hear some amazing stories! 


Christiansborg: Amazing!! Make sure to go when the Royal Stables are open! http://kongeligeslotte.dk/en/palaces-and-gardens/christiansborg-palace.html


The National Museum: It is free and has amazing displays of early Scandinavian Artifacts!  http://en.natmus.dk/


Tivoli!!! My children's favorite place in the whole world! :)


Take a Canal Tour and make sure to get a HUGE ice cream cone to eat in Nyhavn while you watch the boats! They put jelly, guf (an pink meringue), and a chocolate dipped marshmallow on top on the ice cream! :)


The Workers Museum is a fun museum for kids with lots of hands on activities about every day life for Danes in the 20th century.  http://www.visitcopenhagen.com/copenhagen/workers-museum-gdk410509


There are so many more! I could go on for days! Let me know if you want more suggestions because I don't know how long you will be there! 


Do not rent a car at all! Take the public transit! 


Fabulous day trips out of Copenhagen on the train include:


The Louisiana Art Museum! https://en.louisiana.dk/


Frederickborg Castle! http://www.dnm.dk/UK/Forside.htm


Kronborg Castle! (where Hamlet takes place) http://kongeligeslotte.dk/da/slotte-og-haver/kronborg-slot.html


H.C. Anderson's Home and the Tinderbox Museum (AMAZING museum for kids 12 and under!!!!!!)  http://museum.odense.dk/en/museums/the-tinderbox



Hope that helps!! So jealous!!! :)



ETA: Make sure to check out the changing of the guard and Amalienborg Castle (the Queen's residence) too!





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Oh my goodness!!! The Viking Ship Museum!!!! You don't want to miss that!!! Depending on the time of year you can even sail in a Viking ship! The kid area is amazing and sometimes they have special activities (on the weekend? I can't remember). My kids made necklaces with Thor's hammer and played Viking games. Also has very cool cafe. http://www.vikingeskibsmuseet.dk/en/


Books we read and enjoyed! 






And of course, lot of viking books and H.C. Anderson fairy tales! :)

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