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Documentary recommendations on climate change for middle school?


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Can anyone recommend some good documentaries on climate change/ global warming for middle school ages? I would love something with some strong science and less politics if possible. If there is something that examines climate change from both the perspective of a natural cycle of the earth and human impact that would be even better (or perhaps two documentaries that give opposing views) we have amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and Curiosity stream. There is a lot I am finding but not sure of the quality so I thought I would see if anyone had recommendations.



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I thought Before the Flood was really well done, heavy on science.


The political thing is tricky because Climate change has unfortunately been politicized.


They don't present it as a natural cycle in weather, they show graphs where it's clearly a hockey stick where the line shoots up as our planet warms.


I don't the BTF was too political but I'm a liberal, and a climate change believer, so my opinion is biased.


ETA: I watched it with my 5th grader, he liked it.

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