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BJU Language Arts for High School?

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I posted about this a little in the k-8 board, but am looking for some advice.  


My oldest will be in 8th grade next year, but I'm looking forward, towards high school. I have used Abeka Grammar (off and on) and am looking for something more user friendly for the high school years (and next year.)  It looks to be rather easy, though, at first glance. Does anyone know if it's rigorous enough for high school? And if not, what would you recommend?

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It is a personal thing of me, but BJU literature still works with reading fragments / selections in Highschool.

During Highschool I expect students to read a whole book.


BJU Grammar and Writing keeps starting with the same grammar concepts each year.

No doubt there are students who need that, but to us it became dissappointing.

A full year English wit BJU would need G&W textbook + Literature Textbook..


*I* as parent like BJU to work with.

We used it a lot during Elementary school.

But their books seem not to fit my / our goals for High School.

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I agree with loesje.


I use a mix of things for high school. Grammar we teach as needed for writing, foreign language, and test prep.

I love the online Bravewriter classes and I outsource one or two of them per year. I've done some Center for Literature. We also do a lot of  our own literature and writing. We've added some teaching company lectures sometimes. Next year I have one taking AP English through PAH.



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Thanks everyone! This is helpful information. I will look into your suggestions and some Latin options for high school. We have dabbled in Latin and she is working through the 1st Writing With Skill book right now. She reads endlessly and I am struggling with exactly how to handle literature during the high school years.  She will read anything I give her, but what to do beyond that is baffling to me.  She is getting ready to begin the Literary Analysis section of WWS, and I'm hoping that will give me some direction.  

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