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My legs hurt. Vent


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Specifically, my calves. All.the. Time. They are restless and tired and achy. I hate it. They've bothered me all my life. But not usually constant for days or weeks on end.

I take vitamins, eat bananas, stretch, walk, warm baths, compression socks.

They just hurt. This week has been particularly bad, no intermittent relief. They are making me up at night, and waking me during the night. They hurt!


Ok I'm done whining. I know so many have it worse, that it seems such a frivolous complaint.

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My mom's legs stopped hurting after she did a sleep study, found she had severe sleep apnea, and started using a CPAP machine at night. Her legs have always hurt, and it was a night-and-day difference.


I have no idea if aching legs are commonly associated with sleep apnea, but might be worth investigating.

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couple possibilities.

magnesium - epsom salt baths are the best way to get it.  (daily or at least several times a week.) 4 (yes, four) cups of epsom salt (costco has a deal) and a cup of baking soda to keep your skin from drying out.  soak for an hour.


adrenals- adrenals affect five different muscle groups attached to your pelvis, and everything attached to them.  I was shocked how an issue with my leg, of which I spent A LOT of money with different providers attempting to treat it over more than two years, suddenly and dramatically improved when I started supporting my adrenals.

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Regular boardie here, but I created a different, throwaway account just to respond to this.


I've suffered from this for the past several years, and I definitely mean suffered. It's miserable and disrupts sleep, and then being tired makes it worse the next day. I've often felt stuck in that cycle of poor sleep --> more pain --> more poor sleep.


A couple of things have helped me. First, I've noticed that if I avoid added sugar, it helps a lot. Conversely, if I eat dessert that night, my legs and arms will bother me more. I don't know why this is. I'm not diabetic or pre-diabetic. 


Second, really hot baths help me. We actually have a hot tub, and when I'm really aching, I'm in it every evening. That is a lifesaver for me because if I get out of the hot tub and into bed fast enough, I'll often fall asleep without the pain returning. 


Finally, I live in a state with legal marijuana. I tried it last year to deal with the aching limbs, and it has helped me like nothing else. I don't use it all that often, but when I'm really aching and uncomfortable, a marijuana edible makes it all kind of go away. I stick to a low "dose" (10 mg of THC is considered a dose in my state, but I stick with 5), and that works for me. I don't think I've experienced anything like "getting high" from my low dose, but it's enough to make me feel much better. I don't know if that's an option for you where you live, but it has seriously helped more than anything else. It's weird; it doesn't totally take the pain away, but it makes it so I don't notice it and don't care. If I concentrate on my legs, I can tell that they still ache, but I have to focus to concentrate on that, and why would I focus on that? And it makes me sleep like a baby that night, so it short-circuits that pain --> poor sleep cycle I can get stuck in. 


I'm a total prude and had never tried any illegal substances (didn't even drink when I was underage, never tried pot before trying it for my leg pain). I would never have expected to be writing this or using it regularly, but I thought I'd throw it out there in case it can help someone. If I knew a decade ago what I know now, I'd have gotten a medical card for it in my state, but I really thought that was just for stoners who were managing to scam people into thinking it worked for pain. I was really wrong!



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