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What math and science curriculum for a science/geology/marine majors?

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My daughter, as a rising 6th grader will be wrapping up TT level 6 and starting level 7. She is using Nancy Larson Science, and will be using IEW and hake grammar. Can these be sufficient tracks for a major she is really passionate about in the sciences?


These requirements from the school's website that she is interested in:

" A strong high-school foundation in the natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, earth sciences), mathematics (analytic geometry and calculus) and communication skills (speaking and writing) is essential. "

What else do i need to add or change?


On the side this girl for fun is also doing bellow level: horizon, singapore (even more bellow her current level), mathematical reasoning, and dreambox learning. for math. This is in addition to the Teaching Textbook info above. 


This is a whole new world for me. So, any advice on what I can do now, or any mile markers we need to hit a certain times? i.e. "analytic geometry"? she LOVES teaching textbook... i don't know how to change her from it, and am unsure if it would be sufficient for this major.


Thanks in advance! I also posted this in another website's forum, too. That tends to love TT more than here - lol ;) So I can get the two different views on this. 

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I recommend that you move away from TT.  Derek Owens has great math courses that I would highly recommend for a student interested in the sciences.  I would reduce the below level resources and replace them with a strong on level resource (DO Prealgebra or Algebra I would be great).


Hake Grammar is a solid program.  IEW, IMO, is annoying and won't prepare a student for scientific writing.




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I think it matters what she wants to do with the sciences. Is she looking at MIT, engineering? Is she more Cornell, Berkley, Biology? Is she Harvard, University of Washington, medical? Is she wanting to teach and attend a stare school? These are all rather different pathways which all fall in the science realm.


If she is not yet into pre-algebra materials by 6th grade, you are going to need to seriously beef up math. Calculus and analytic geometry require significantly stronger materials. This would allow time for discreet math and significant data analysis like statistics. Those are both rather important. Even without those Algebra 1 skills rock solid in 8th is necessary to get through Calc by senior year. That would leave PreA. and a slow beginning to Algebra in 6th and 7th respectively.


Does IEW even do technical writing? Their focus seems much more on creative, descriptive writing ("dress-ups") than concise, analytical text. I would have her focus quite significantly on non-fiction literature analysis as well going into high school.


Depending on the school, her science would be hitting high school courses 7-9 so that you could focus on AP courses 10-12.


I would be working backward from graduation if you have not don so already. This will give you an idea of the strength of resources you should be using.

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