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Recommend Hans Christian Andersen and Grimm?

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Barnes and Noble has cheap leather bound classics. I think the Grimms is still complete, but I don't think Anderson is still.



I've lost my taste for complete Fairy Tale anthologies. They are heavy and bulky, and the stories skipped in the smaller books are the most boring.


I do like original unabridged individual stories, but don't need every story in the book I want to cuddle up with and keep and call my own.


For bed time story reading, I really like the Marcus Clapham's Best Fairy Stories anthology.


It is a tiny little hardcover, with a ribbon and gilt edges. Macmillan Collector's Library also sells anthologies by individual fairy tale authors.

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I have this version for Hans Christian Andersen and it's gorgeous! It's a beautiful fabric-like hardcover that comes with two ribbon bookmarks, gilt-edge pages, and amazing illustrations from a variety of artists. Highly recommend! (I didn't pay $30.00 for it though...would definitely look around for different sellers on Amazon. I think I paid closer to $20.00.)


As for Grimm, I have this version by Philip Pullman and we have enjoyed it a lot! Good luck! 

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