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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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So last night I made homemade chicken broth but then forgot to put it in the fridge.  Have I ruined it?  I just add some more water and am let it burble away on the stove again, hopefully killing off anything bad that started to grow in the night.  I really wish I wasn't so ditzy about stuff like this!!!


Anyway, today:


Dh leaves for business trip to Los Angeles in an hour or so.  

Clean kitchen

Put broth away

Wake kids - take 15 yo to Bio. (18 yo should be up doing homework he didn't do last night)

Grocery shop, home, put away

Take 18 yo to gov't class

Read more City of God

Lunch and pick up from pharmacy

home again - study Latin

18 has English homework due

15 yo had math homework to do 

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Good morning! Looking forward to a sunny day after clouds and rain yesterday.


•dust (didn't get this done yesterday. for some reason, our house is super dusty lately - probably all the mud being tracked in)


•order paper

•get a few things ready to mail

•take 2 kitties to vet for checkups and shots

•post office



Hope everyone has a good day!

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laundry  (MY turn, darn it!) -- in progress

orthodontist appointment

groceries? -- postponed until tomorrow (will work better that way)



resetting the ceiling fans to all blow downward (some DH had set to blow upward when we were supposed to have cold weather), and making sure the speeds are Mom-approved (at least one was set to jet engine speed)


homeschool as we can around today's scheduled demands elsewhere


If I have time and inclination start cleaning windows, at least the insides.  I really want to clean my kitchen window outside, and the screen, but that will wait for the weekend.  I must gently encourage my spider friend to get out of the way first.  (She eats bugs that otherwise would plague our back doorstep.)



I forgot exercise!  Very important!


And MyFitnessPal-ing my meals again -- dr wants me to aim for 1200 calories a day, so I need MFP to help me adjust proportions.  I'm a little grumpy about this, because I had gotten comfortable at 1300 calories a day and didn't have to take the time to measure everything anymore.  Stop messing with my routines when I get them set!



It's turning into a gorgeous day outside, so I'm planning on robbing some time from other things to spend a bit of time out in the garage sorting through another old box of papers (to reclaim what should be kept and get rid of the rest).  I just need to tend the laundry a little first, and then I can go outside!



2.5 hours later I completed one massive box of papers plus the remnants of another box, found a few letters/documents to keep (including some precious letters from people now gone), and have confirmed/boxed up the rest for the burn pile.  It was a long, tedious 2.5 hours, but now I have one less box to worry about.

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Good morning! We are having crazy spring weather, the trees have started to bud and I know that we still have cold and snow ahead. Today is a generally quiet day with lots of driving at the end.


To do:

clean kitchen

daily chores

boys up and working

ds2 to aikido

jen things

quilt a little

PM practice swim/swim

judo (hopefully dh will drive)


Have a great day!

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Conference call to prepare for.  HATE!  :P


I am also stressed out about a couple things that need to go out today.  Stressed, but completely lacking the necessary focus.


Kids are at school, and they don't have an activity tonight.  I should probably let them go swimming if I can get away.


I hope we can finish the AHG spiritual pin work tonight.  Can't seem to get to it, and it's getting late.


I am getting the laundry done today.  Also blabbed on the phone with my sister for a long time.  Got a bit of decluttering done.

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I have driven for two hours already this morning.  Sigh.  Long story involving a stressed out college kid.  Anyway. . .


human care done


pet care done including scheduling a vet appointment for Rocky who has been suddenly peeing all over the house.  Double sigh.


FINALLY got a shower for the first time in days.  I have certain windows when I can shower when I am not already booked with other duties/responsibilities or am out of the house driving or the bathroom isn't being tied up by other family members. 


helped with logic and algebra.


admired pictures of my grand-nephew (the 11th time now that I have been a grand aunt). 


I am super overwhelmed but I will focus my energy on the kitchen. 


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Get out of bed DONE

Daughter to school DONE

Youngest to an appointment DONE

Lunch DONE

Youngest enrichment DONE

Grocer-went to fancy one and blew $14 on bread and dates DONE

C lean kitchen DONE

Pick up youngest DONE

Pick up daughter

Oldest to work, has the day off

Dinner Stir Fry

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Still working on school. Dd is mostly working on following directions! I am thinking this is middle school fog and we may be doing this a lot the next couple of years.  


An hour or so more school



Start dinner.



Fold laundry

Make kids fold laundry and do other chores

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