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Hello all!


I'm a homeschooling mom, but in the past I have been an ESL tutor and a Spanish tutor.  I am a native English speaker with a BA in Spanish and a K-12 Education certification from a private university.  All of my Spanish students were homeschoolers, and I charged $10-20 an hour depending on the family's ability to pay.  I tutored ESL in person and online and charged a little more because my students were more able to pay, but I consistently charged less than most tutors on the online platform simply because I didn't want my prices to be what I would personally consider unreasonable.  


I'm considering teaching Spanish to homeschoolers again next year, but now that I am homeschooling myself I wonder more than ever what homeschooling parents are both willing and able to pay for this kind of service (say for 1-2 classes a week with reading/writing/listening/speaking if age appropriate, no reading and minimal to no writing for a "K-1" type class).  Any and all feedback would be appreciated (whether it's about language tutoring or other kinds of private instruction)!  Do you outsource a class or two to tutors or private instructors (I do!)?  What is "worth it" for you?  Also, what kind of an area do you live in, generally (since I think that classes in urban areas may cost more)?

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