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Gardeners- railroad ties- wwyd?


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I have a level area of land where I want to place some garden boxes. They will be raised about 1 foot or so, and will be constructed out of pine or cedar. Anyway, the retaining wall near it is made of railroad ties. My concern, of course, is the leaching of the creosote into the soil. The boxes will be three feet from the base of the wall.


Would you cover the railroad tie retaining wall with cedar planks (this would be for the smell issue as opposed to the leaching issue)?


Would you line your boxes with a food grade liner even though there will be three feet of space as well as raised boxes?


Would you even chance gardening here or remove those ties?


I'm really torn over this and need some advice....


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Unfortunately I don't know what blend was used.


I have done a fair amount of research and I'm finding lots of info on both sides. I know it is dangerous to plant next to it, just tying to see if it is even wise to plant three feet near it in a raised bed. I'm leaning towards tearing down the wall and replacing it with something safer. And these beams appear to be fairly new, not bleached from the sun. Ugh.

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