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Another pre-algebra thread

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I have searched numerous threads and elsewhere online and I am still stuck. dd will complete MM 6 soon, and I would like to decide upon a prealgebra for next year. My top Algebra picks at this point are Foerster's, Videotext, Chalkdust, Derek Owens, or taking a class with Wilson Hill. 


My dd is not super math self confident, but I think she does pretty well. Math Mammoth has taught her well. She struggled some in MM4/5 but MM 6 seems to be going smoothly. 


For pre algebra, I am looking at Tablet Class, (I would love to use Derek Owens but the price tag is a bit steep for prealgebra), and have even considered Teaching Textbooks Algebra <gasp> (using it as a prealgebra) I am not a TT fan at all, but the ease of use is pulling me in just for one year... but I do want her to be prepared for a strong Algebra...


I have considered MM 7 since I know MM works for us, but I am thinking it would be better to switch to something that looks more like the set up she will have for algebra (probably videos, taking notes, etc) as well as something a little easier to grade. (I would so love something that was self grading!) 


Anyone want to solve this problem for me? I have a few more up in the airs, I would love this one worked out! ;)




ETA: I have TT Algebra 1 and have access to MUS Algebra for free probably...I know those are not looked at as super deep, but would there be any negatives to use one as a prealgebra? If it is well worth the money to do another I will...but if it is not much/if any difference...free is good... ;) 

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We tried TabletClass (and, well, everything else too) for pre-algebra, and DD hated it. I thought it went really slow and not deep at all. I had read good reviews here but our experience was not positive.


For Algebra 1, we are using Foerster's with Math without Borders and she is still unimpressed with the video format but she likes it a lot more and definitely likes Foerster's for algebra 1. In both cases we watch the videos together and I explain and supplement if she's stuck.


In your situation, I'd just stick with MM 7 for ore algebra and save your money for algebra 1. You know she does well with MM so why rock it before you have to?

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I wouldn't use Video text alone for prealgebra, although I absolutely love love love it for Algebra I and II. It is very good conceptually but 2 out of my 3 who have had prealgebra so far have needed more practice and time on prealgebra than Video text provides. Oldest DS did public school preA right into VT. 2nd DS did a mishmash of Saxon and MM and LoF before going into VT (MM 7 wasn't out yet) and DD will finish up MM7 and then go on to VT.


You didn't mention much about VT in your OP but I thought I'd mention that.


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I'm having a really tough time deciding on pre-algebra too! I thought I was going to use AoPS, but now I like the looks of DO too, and Jacobs appeals because I read it is humorous and my DS will eat that up! I'm also looking at Tabletclass. So many good options!


He is average to average + in math, we have used MUS since 2nd grade and are now working through BA. He is generally very good at mental math and would rather not be troubled to show his work in a legible way[emoji849] that makes DO note taking seem like a hurdle, although I think it would be really good for his study skills in general.


Since we will begin 7th finishing up BA 5 and MUS zeta, I'd like something self paced. And, self grading would be awesome!


So many choices! Do you (general) involve your child in the choice? I've tried to encourage him to watch sample videos, and he has tried out Alcamus, but he is mostly annoyed that I'm talking school to him and I don't feel like he is giving serious thought to any of it. [emoji848]



ETA: I've just spent *another* hour looking at math curriculum! And, I'm back to AoPS. We are both mathy, husband more so, and he loves Alcumus, and their new online books. We also think the guy in the AoPS videos is just goofy enough to appeal to our son. Plus, the price can't be beat, non consumable $54, and our other son can use it too and it is self grading if he uses Alcumus.

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My first Foerster user went through Lial's prealg. It's a sturdy "honors" prealg book and she really enjoyed it. There are self-checking problems in the margins of the lessons to do as you go.


It doesn't self grade, but the solutions manual is a cinch to use. Old editions are dirt cheap used. Just make sure the image matches on the student text and solution manual covers and you're good to go.

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