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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Already done:

Reading and blog posting


To do:


Breakfast (home or out???)

More Latin homework

Plan intensive Latin study for upcoming NLE

If weather is nice - walking

Hang out more with dh (feel like we've been ignoring each other lately)

London broil for dinner

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Good morning! We are enjoying beautiful spring weather here as well. It feels strange to have temps in the 60's in February, but it's nice to be able to work outside in short sleeves.


My only goals for today are:


•work with horses for a couple hours


•plan out my week

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I was up until 3:something last night after a fuss over kid behavior (my headache didn't help either).  All things considered, I'm impressed that I got up and got the kids to church on time - a little early even.


I gave the kids some work to do before my sister was to pick them up, but she came early, so ....


Then had one of those never-ending "discussions" with a person who never knows when to let it go.  :/


Now I'm supposed to be working ....  I'm in a crappy mood though.

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