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Where to find Spanish Audiobooks?

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I would like to find some interesting Spanish language audiobooks for my daughter. I'm looking for Elementary interest level, but preferably not picture books because I expect to purchase them, and they're just so short!


Our library does not have any, and does not ILL them. The streaming services through the library have almost none. Audible has very little. I seem to be striking out. Ideas?

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Have you tried looking on YouTube? I know that it's not always going to be studio quality, but the sheer volume means that the odds of finding several good ones are in your favor.


Is there anyone that you know in real life who you can pay to read some books onto MP3 or cassette for you?


Personally I have a ton more luck with finding paperback childrens books than with audiobooks.


!Buena suerte!

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ReadingA-Z; if you get the ReadingA-Z Plus RAZ, you get access to the read-to-me option. Most of the books come in English, Spanish, and French. You can listen and read along with the Spanish version of the books. Levels are PreK-6th. It is an annual subscription for ~$90 with Homeschoolbuyerscoop; you can print the books. The only downside is that the books can only be listened to with an internet connection --- so no listening in the car unless you use your data plan.

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