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MLA experts - some questions about citations & works cited

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I have kids taking two different classes where they use MLA citations in their papers. I have some questions for MLA experts as I never used it with high school or college papers.


1) When doing in-text citations where there is only one book cited (literary analysis paper), do you have to continue to use the author's name in the signal phrase or in-text citation parenthesis place? Like every time, "Hemingway says, "...." (241). or When blah blah "yadda yadda" (Hemingway 241). ?? Or, is it considered just fine to do it the first time and then just do the page number after that? (One teacher teaches it one way and the other is teaching it another way.)


2) On the Works Cited page, how do you cite multiple short stories (for example) from the same book? (The actual example is a little different, but I think the idea is the same.) Follow the example for multiple listings for the same author and just repeat everything else?

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MLA has changed over the years so it's possible that my information is outdated, but my understanding from back in the day was that if you're only using one source, you definitely can just write (241) after your initial citing of the page number with the author. In fact, I'm almost positive that once you cite a work that all subsequent page numbers on their own are assumed to be that work until you do another citation with a different work/author named. That said, if a professor is teaching it a different way, I'd just have them do it that way. On matters like formatting, the professor is always right.


I don't know the answer to the second question though.

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Would it be possible to email the professors about this? Or ask the writing center?


In the case of #1, the teachers are teaching it different ways. Each kid is doing it like the teacher is telling them to (one is doing it like Farrar says - only citing the author name the first time, the other is citing the author name every single time she quotes or paraphrases), but I personally want to know which way is right for the future. Neither will have this teacher again. MLA sites seem to indicate Farrar's method is correct, which I what I thought after checking several MLA guides, but I wanted to check with the Hive.


In the case of #2, the teacher doesn't seem to know exactly how to do it and I can understand that since I can't find anything that covers this particular example (which actually uses Canterbury Tales where she wants the kid's Works Cited page to cite all the individual tales they are quoting from in their papers). I checked all through Purdue OWL, a MLA handbook that we were required to buy for one of the classes, and several other MLA websites -- none seem to cover this type of situation. The closest I can come is citing multiple books by the same author, but that doesn't take into account that the book itself is the same. That's why I'm asking.


In the case of #2, DD is following the teacher's model. Again, I just want to know for the future - in the case of another class where this type of situation might come up.

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