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Making my child "suffer" through 80s Alternative music


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I do love a lot of 60's folk rock. My musical taste actually overlap quite a lot with my parents, though they never tried to influence me.


My kids don't like everything I like, but they are generally ok with it and we do share some favorites.


My dd12 does listen to a lot of terrible pop music, but when i remember what I listened to at 12, I don't worry too much.


Dd9 loves 80's girl singers though - Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, Kate Bush. I have no idea where that came from, as they aren't things I listen to, though I like them when they are on the radio.

Oh I'm not judgy; the ear, like the heart, wants what it wants.


And I admit to a little frisson of satisfaction when Middle Girl said she liked Shonen Knife.

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Most of my old stuff was alt rock/grunge from the 90's (a little 80s here and there). I didn't get into music, myself, til I was 12 and that was 1992 so... Anyway, dd really likes most of it. We spent hours one night looking up my old songs and looking up some of what she had discovered. I started listening to AFI (which was her favorite) and she started listening to Avril Lavigne, Goo Goo dolls, Soul Asylum, The Cranberries. She wasn't too keen on Pearl Jam and she did laugh at my favorite Weezer song "Undone: the Sweater Song."


The funniest thing is that I have all this Christian music on my mp3 player mixed with AFI and My Chemical Romance. I looove Welcome to the Black Parade (which dd introduced me to). :lol:



ETA: Dh covered some of the 80s music. She does like Pink Floyd and he played some Metallica for her.

My DD also introduced me to MCR/Welcome to the Black Parade.


She had it on the car tonight, in fact.


Her absolute favorite band is Green Day. She has AC/DC, Metallica, GnR, Blink 182, MCR cds mixed in with her Twenty One Pilots, 5SOS, 1D, Panic at the Disco collection. She even saw Panic & Weezer in concert last year.

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Just watched a great little Indy film you might have fun with: Sing Street (streaming now on Netflix). Lots of 80s alternative music to the soundtrack, and "sound-alike" music, as the story follows an Irish teenager inspired by 80s alternative music who forms a band, writes his own music, and uses his creative streak to keep himself sane while life is falling apart around him. His band makes some VERY fun "look-alike" music videos as well.  :laugh:

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