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My 10th-grade dd is taking the second semester of honors biology as dual credit at a nearby university. Today, after grading the first exams of the semester, the prof  (who does not yet know dd is a dual credit student) emailed her asking if she would be willing to be a peer mentor to help others (in the honors section!) work toward improving their scores on the next exam.


I don't think dd is actually going to be able to do it because her schedule is already very full, but I was tickled that she was asked.

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I'm sure I'm not the only one here wondering what you used to prepare your dd so well for this class.  Care to share? 


Well, content-wise, she did do Apologia Biology a couple of years ago. The university class uses Campbell Biology and she comments from time to time how far superior Campbell is! But she was glad this was not her first time going through the concepts.


Otherwise, we've just gradually worked up to getting used to tests, deadlines, communicating with professors and classmates, etc. She started out with online dual credit last year to get used to college classes before adding the element of being in the classroom. She has adapted really well and is enjoying it. I use Homeschool Planet and for the time being she inputs her dual credit due dates in that, so she sees those along with her homeschool assignments in her weekly/monthly schedule.

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