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Let's talk memory


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I'm not sure what sort of memory you are wanting to improve, but I think the best way to improve long term retention of things that aren't just memorized by rote is to build a strong fund of background knowledge over a long period of time (through exposure, mostly) and emphasis on conceptual understanding.  This gives a person a framework on which to incorporate new knowledge and so they are more likely to retain it.


Anything memorized by rote and not understood, either because the underlying concept is not understood or because there is nothing to understand, will need occasional practice to be remembered.

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My ds has pretty good working memory from all the work we've done. What you're doing sounds good. If you're wanting more work on working memory, consider more modalities. So get him using his new skills while he's in motion, while he's using his eyes, while he has to deal with background distractions, etc. All visualization to it, so getting him to recall things using visualization.


As far as actual memory, my ds is incredibly good for factoids that he finds fascinating and can't tell you his phone number. Gifted, but can't tell you his phone number. Like poof, toast. Like I put it engraved on a chain around his neck at Disney because if he were lost he couldn't say it. 


So apparently there are limits to what I've been able to accomplish.  :coolgleamA:

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