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Flat on your back after surgery...need suggestions


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A friend had surgery last week and is supposed to lie on her back or side at all times for the next 3 weeks (possibly longer). She is mobile and can get up to use the bathroom but is not supposed to move around, sit or stand for any unnecessary amount of time. This includes being propped up in bed with pillows.

I would like to take her something to help pass the hours. Adult coloring books or any small crafty thing seem like they would be awkward lying flat. Audio books might be nice, but I don't have much idea what she might enjoy. She is recovering from cancer and is a Christian if that helps with audio suggestions. I need ideas! Anyone btdt?

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Audio books.


Mounting device so can operate phone with podcasts and YouTube.


Prayer book on phone so she has some help for prayer.


Mounting gecice for iPad so she can link to YouTube Netflix amazon movies.


Ugh on the flat lying. I've had to do far less of this than she will and it is annoying!!!!

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