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My sister and her babies are injured. :( POSITVE UPDATE #63


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I'm feeling helpless at the moment and hoping this will be okay. I have very little info at the moment. My sister lives in NYC. She was walking out with the kids today (baby and preschooler) and some scaffolding fell on them. She is at the hospital; the babies are in Pediatric center with their dad. Her head was badly cut, but I don't know anything more yet.


Please send your healing thoughts or prayers that everyone will come out of this okay. :(

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:grouphug: :grouphug:


I hope the hospital visits are just an abundance of caution.


Sending health and healing thoughts to your Sis and her babies.

I hope so, too.


Also, not that it's ever good for anyone to get hit on the head, but she has had brain surgery in the past. Head trauma is not something she needs.

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That is awful! The scaffolding should have been inspected and tightened with some regularity if it is an active job site, so someone may not have been doing their job. I hope she and the kids are okay and they can get some answers!

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