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How much information do I need to add to HS transcript?

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I have ds transcript completed...but wonder how much information do I need to add to the course descriptions?


I have the book title, author and a brief explanation of what we did.  


Also..I'm seeing some people give 1/2 credit for biology lab and chemistry lab in addition to the class credit of 1 unit.  I thought it was just 1 credit for everything.


Thank you so much for any help you can give me! :)

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I only gave 1 credit for all science classes, lab or not.  This included AP courses.


On the course descriptions, I also noted who taught the course.  If it was me, I wrote "Instruction: Taught at home."  If it was take from Pennsylvania Homeschoolers, for example, I wrote something like "Instruction: College Board approved AP course taken through the online provider, Pennsylvania Homeschoolers. Instructor was Dr. Terri Kanner, B.S. Biology, D.D.S."

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Editing because I misread the question:


My course descriptions contain list of materials used, topics covered, method of evaluation.

For outsourced courses, I listed institution and name of instructor.


I would not give an extra half credit for the lab in a  lab science course.

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