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I think I have hurt my back


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I tried to exercise like I am 25 again.  Last night, when I went to bed, my back hurt.  This morning it is worse.


I am sure it was the exercise.....some jogging, some jumping, movements I am not used to, etc....


And I have to go to work today.  


I hope this heals up.  I was so happy to actually make it through the workout yesterday, and it wasn't even THAT strenuous.  



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Advil and an extra espresso today?  


Not that espresso has medicinal qualities that will help your back, just because you like it and could use something enjoyable.  :)


Hoping you feel better soon.


If it makes you feel better, I hurt my back badly last year after a day of jumping on the trampoline like a 12 year old.  Oops.  Just start back to your exercise slowly.

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If it continues, both dh and I have had success using Robin McKenzie's book, Treat Your Own Back. Dh had pretty bad sciatica, mine was caused by improperly lifting my 80 lb disabled dd. When dh told his doctor he had ordered the book, the doctor said that yes, that was the book they recommended. The first "exercise" is just to lie prone--dd calls it the dead guy stretch. When you can do that, the next step is to lie prone and go up on your elbows. Sounds ridiculously easy when you don't have pain, but the program really helped get us back on our feet so to speak. I also really liked using gel ice pack things that you could put in the freezer or heat in the microwave. Both ways helped and I have two packs--one I kept in freezer and one I kept for using in the microwave. Cheap drugstore things that really help.

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