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Quest for Arete - chemistry board game

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I posted in another thread that the kind people at Quest for Arete sent me a free copy of this game - because it hasn't been approved for sale in Australia.


Well, it has arrived and we've had a little play. Love!


My older two children (11 & 9) and their friend, have enjoyed playing it.


It's a fantasy theme, card based, game, using the elements to combine them into spells to defeat your opponent.


I'm quite impressed with how much chemistry is actually included. The kids need to read the chemistry abbreviations (Au for gold etc), use the valence numbers to calculate scores, locate the element on the table and other elements in the same column (for substitutions) - just some examples.


There are more complex ways to play the game, so far we've been doing shorter duels, that I hope we can try soon.


It's been a fun addition to our chemistry studies!


(The Quest for Arete folks haven't asked me to review it or anything, but they were very kind and super helpful people!)



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