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Plus-size workout clothes: Can you help me find a workout top like this, but plus-sized?


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I really want something sleeveless, but my sports bra is not the kind you can show off under your teeny-tiny tank top. I love this top from Title Nine, but of course they don't carry plus sizes. 




Has anyone come across anything like this in their shopping? Anyone have any recommendations otherwise? I've looked at Target and didn't find anything that fit/I liked. 



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I don't have any personal experience with these (I prefer shirts with sleeves), but Hanes.com has some very inexpensive plus-size sleeveless tops. You can get free shipping through midnight tonight with promo code SHIPTEES2ME.


ETA: You can get the same free shipping deal at Champion.com, and these might be more what you're looking for.

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Is this close enough?  It's a little looser, but then, I like the 'skimmer' look and feel of tops like this.




Zella is a high quality brand, IME.  Their leggings ARE pants, and pretty slimming, plus they are truly high waisted and stay up.  There is a tiny key pocket in the waistband. 

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