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Dratted weather and whatcha going to plant this year (Garden post)


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It is beautiful here.  FIFTY degrees in February, second day in a row.  I know the weather is just teasing, it isn't going to stay nice.  But it does make for a wicked case of spring fever.  I feel like digging in dirt and planting plants.



So help me if my fruit trees get tricked into leafing out and blooming and then a freeze comes.  This is year we are hoping for the first apples off our trees! ;)



What are you looking forward to planting this year?  Or harvesting?


Last year we planted raspberries and I am hoping to see them come back thick.  We planted strawberry and asparagus as plants, so we expect see them come back all happy and flourishing.

We planted six blueberry plants, a pear tree, and two peach trees and I will be relieved if they come back.  They are supposed to be hardy for our zone (and colder) but I was grateful for the mild winter.  



In the flower category, I ripped up my big bed and replanted perennials.  The sheer joy from seeing those come back after all that work will be SO gratifying.  And my sister was going to pull out two "mini" lilac bushes so we transplanted them as adults.  I will be RELIEVED if they leaf out this year too!

Last year was SO much work and very little reward.  This year has the potential to have so much reward and so little work! :D  SO anxious for Spring!!!



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We have a 6 month old Labrador puppy. Not sure we'll get to harvest much of anything. She ate some of the last tomatoes off the plants last fall when we first got her. She's been eating the blueberry bushes! Not good! I've tried to put some tomato cages around them to keep her out. She eats fallen apples. I'm sure she'll love strawberries. The girls are in a 4H garden club with plots safely away from here. One wants to do potatoes, one wants to do pickling cucumbers and loofahs of all things (she who doesn't eat veggies). So no really ambitious plans here. We have sun today after a very rainy week--it's a nice treat. I saw crocus greenery starting to come up--first sign of spring (which I know is many weeks away).

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