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Help finding World History course

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I'm trying to find a world history course that my daughter will love for next year. We have already decided on math u see geometry, Mr Q biology, Essentials in writing, and mom made literature.


She is also learning French, doing a lot of graphic design and art, and goes to weekly band playing guitar and clarinet. She is very artsy kind of girl, and really looking for a world history to match her style.


I thought of SWBauer history of the world, but they are huge books, and I want her getting a good overview of all world history, not just ancient , Middle Ages or what have you .


Any ideas would be wonderfully appreciated.

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We used BJU World History with lots and lots of added literature and dvds.  BJU is not my all time favorite, but it gave me a good framework to plan around.  I could edit and add at will and we had some great discussions.  We used Stobaugh British History as a supplement


Several IRL families like Notgrass.  Dd didn't care for the writing style.


Oldest actually used AOP LifePacs.  She had a "get it done" and "just the facts" learning style and this fit the bill nicely for her.

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We are using Oak Meadow's World History this year and my dd likes it very much even though history is not a subject she has any interest in.

I have one using this also. It's been a comfortable match here. The textbook is a run-of-the public school book (get it used to save $). The OM guide has background info, which chapters to read in the textbook, and a variety of assignments for her to choose from for output. There's a good range of assignments from creative to a basic writing project.


Mine has really enjoyed the OM course this year. She likes history, but we've been history heavy for many years and she wanted something simpler to put her time elsewhere. OM has been exactly that.

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