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Best Grammar for 8th?

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I am looking for a really good grammar program to teach our son next year in 8th grade?  I would really like for it to be something that is open and go, doesn't take a ton of time, but yet is thorough and helps him to retain what he is learning.  


While I want our son to do grammar, I am hoping to focus more on his writing skills, which is why I am looking for a grammar that fits what I have mentioned above.  I will be choosing a separate writing program, so it doesn't have to be included with the grammar necessarily. 


I am looking at CLE, Analytical Grammar, and Killgallon sentence composing.  


Thoughts, ideas, suggestions????  Thanks so much! :) 

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Growing with Grammar 8 is a good, quick, open and go grammar program

Winston Grammar has a different approach but is an interesting option



We did AG over 2 years....7th and 8th.  I followed up the senior year with Abeka Grammar VI.  Abeka provided an excellent review.  I was surprising pleased with it

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Fwiw, Killgallon books are more supplements than whole courses. They only last a month or so.


CLE is a whole language arts course and covers much more than grammar.


AG is just grammar and user friendly. It could work for your needs. :)




My 7th and 8th graders are using Fix It this year. It's short and sweet and based on proofreading.

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I think AG could work.  We use it in co-op, but took 2 years to get through it doing only half a lesson per day.  You can do it with very little parental involvement.  One thing my son's amazing teacher makes the kids do is make flash cards for each new concept as they are presented, and periodically review those with mom.  Other than that, my son does the lesson himself and then uses the teacher's manual to check his own work.

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We did the first season last year and will complete seasons two and three this year. I'm thrilled that grammar will be finished and we can just kick it into maintenance-mode by using the High School reinforcement books for the remainder of our homeschooling years. I just got my order of them and it looks like 20 minutes of work every two weeks. I suspect your DS could do all of AG as an 8th grader.

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