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Science for 8th Grade


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I would love some great suggestions for 8th grade science please. I'm researching & looking, but having trouble deciding what I want to do for my son. He's always loved science, but this year he is not very interested. He takes this subject at his university model school right now & has for the last three years. They use BJU & he has really loved it till now. Unfortunately, I believe it may fall on the teacher some. Simply put, his style of teaching isn't the most interesting. My son loves interactive & hands on learning. It seems to stick with him better that way.


Anyway, our son will be doing science at home next year & I've considered BJU, but also keep thinking I may let him choose a topic he's really interested in for studying. For example, astronomy or oceanography. He will take physical science come 9th grade, but I've even considered it for 8th too. It's just I know he will get the credit for the class in 9th.


Enough of my babbling. I'm just interested in a really good curriculum for Science. Thank you!!!

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Do you know which BJU science he is doing now? Is it the Life Science one? 


I used BJU science with both my boys in middle school, and we really enjoyed the Life and Earth science texts. We weren't as fond of the Physical Science text (it may have changed since then). 


If he is doing Life now, then you could consider the Earth science text for 8th. It has both oceanography and astronomy in it as well as geology and meteorology. It is very indepth. You might look at their Distance Learning online program to go with it. A lot of the labs with the Earth science are "paper" labs, but there are also rock/weather/soil labs that are interesting. It all depends on how deep and involved you want to go. 

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He's currently doing Life Science, so he'd do Earth for 8th. I really love the idea of the online distance learning, but it seems expensive. However, it might be worth it so that I'm not having to teach all of the science, plus my son already is very familiar with how BJU works. Right now, it looks like Mrs. Vicks is doing the Earth science & I think I've heard good things about her.


Have you ever done the online version or do you just teach the course yourself? If you teach it yourself, how difficult is it for you to do so?


Thank you! ðŸ‘ðŸ˜

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