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After Orbiting With Logic grades 5 to 7, what next?

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I wish there was a secular version of Fallacy Detective. I really like The Book of Bad Arguments, but it's a bit much for most kids in that age range, though not all and not with some guidance.


Do you want to advance logical thinking and discussion or do you want more logical puzzles and so forth? The thing I liked about the Orbiting series was the way it combined the two with a variety of types of logic puzzles and formal logic. But I don't know of anything that does that in the same way that follows from that with all kinds of different logic puzzles and thinking. If anyone does, I'd love to hear it too.

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The WTM 2nd ed recommends Critical Thinking 1 & 2 by Anita Hernadek.

:iagree:  and I like Red Herring Mysteries for grade 6-7. After finishing Introductory Logic and Intermediate Logic, my DS's were pretty confident in logic area. I think it definitely helped their debate skill too.

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