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That recent housekeeping thread with advice on how to salvage burnt pots

Liz CA

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I already used baking soda for several days and boiled it but it's not coming off. I did a good job on this one. Burnt milk - the worst. I'll try the tablet now and maybe get some barkeeper's friend as well as I had none on hand.

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That was me and it was Finish.  It has an enzyme.  We got the cheap dishwasher packs at dollar general - not powerball, just the clear orange ones. I poured about an inch of HOT water in the bottom of the pan, dropped a pack in, and set it on the back of the stove overnight (cold burner - just let it soak).  The gunk poured out with the water in the morning, after razor blades and repeated scrubbing with Bar Keeper's friend and boiling with vinegar (my usual tricks) didn't work.


ETA: original poster came back and said sometimes you have to do this twice, but it does work.  I chose an inch of water because that's about how much it took to be deeper than the pack.  I think the person who gave me the tip used a whole pan full.


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